I am an ecologist and sustainability consultant specialising in wildlife habitat restoration, especially restoring and creating wild flower grasslands at the large and small scales, conservation site management and farm environment planning. I can also specify and source seed for your wildflower meadow projects.

As wild flowers have disappeared from vast tracts of the farmed countryside, many of our wild animals and plants are in deep trouble. If we want to restore bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects, and farmland birds, wild flowers need to be put back at a large scale and fast. However, any area of land, however, small, from paddocks to 20-ha arable fields and gardens only a few square metres can be used to create new wildflower-rich habitats.

Green building
Improving the nation's domestic building stock is urgent, as the energy used in our houses is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions. Understanding how we can do this is just another form of ecology - understanding how people interact with their living space and how that living space can be improved to keep people warm and comfortable, without costing the earth. Take a look at my page - Warmer Homes - for more details.